Spa visits are at an all-time high, according to the International Spa Association’s 2017 study into the US industry, with more than 184 million visits and treatments in 2016. Spa income has also increased from a growing customer base, with a jump of 3.1% to $16.8 billion across the United States. The time is now to invest in spa franchise opportunities as this market is set to grow further with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 5.66% between 2017 and 2021.

According to Beth McGroarty, Director of Research and PR at the Global Wellness Institute, the growing trend for spa visits lies in today’s “state of unprecedented stress.” Being connected 24/7 with fewer boundaries between work and home than ever before, spas have become oases of calm where people can escape from the chaos, and restore their natural balance in a calm and relaxed environment.

personalization is rapidly becoming a top trend in the spa industry

With spa facilities growing to meet demand, consumers want more than cookie-cutter treatments and therapies. Traditional spas offer a menu of services for clients to choose from with little room for customization, but bespoke services are increasingly becoming the best way for spa franchise owners to differentiate themselves from the competition. According to the Global Spa Market 2017 – 2021 study, “the spa industry is now focusing on providing personalized spa therapies or services.”

Another growing trend, thanks to Millennials, is an increasingly acceptable focus on self-care. Some 94% of 18-33 year old’s are committed to making personal improvements compared to 84% of baby boomers, and 81% of Gen X’ers, according to Forbes.

cutting edge spa treatments and customization are increasingly in demand

We take this a step further at YeloSpa by offering innovative treatments through a simple and easy to access menu that ensures our customers feel empowered and in control at all of our spa franchise locations. It’s all about choice thanks to our dynamic personalization options, guided by our helpful and knowledgeable hosts.

Take our revolutionary urban napping concept, for example. Some 50 – 70 million Americans have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, and around 47% report falling asleep while driving. Finding ways to improve quality of sleep is high on the self-care agenda. We developed our innovative YeloCabs™ to enable us to configure the napping experience to our customers’ needs and desires. By selecting their choice of music and aromatherapy with guidance from one of our friendly hosts, then experiencing our signature zero-gravity sleep experience, our customers can take a power nap that remedies their fatigue and leaves them feeling happy and refreshed.

interested in how you can invest in the growing and profitable spa industry

We’re looking to expand YeloSpa across the world, and we’re taking our spa franchise opportunities to eligible investors. By franchising our spas, we know we can reach more care-conscious customers looking for the unique and innovative services we’re known for at YeloSpa. If you’re interested in finding out more contact us today for more information.


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