Thanks to a growing interest and understanding of all things health and wellness, the spa industry is growing rapidly. Furthermore, spas have evolved. Once considered a place to relax and improve one’s looks, today’s spa has become a sanctuary in which patrons can improve their overall well-being.

Beauty is a byproduct of feeling good and being well. In today’s hectic world that can be difficult to achieve. Approximately 79% of Americans are not getting enough sleep. This can lead to increased stress and excessive fatigue. When you’re not feeling your best, it’s difficult not only to look amazing, but to function and perform well on the job or when pursuing personal projects. With this need in mind, YeloSpa has designed a wellness franchise model that brings the next generation of spa, including innovative sleep therapy, to growing markets.

YeloSpa sleep therapy for health & wellness

Since it was founded in 2007, YeloSpa has had a very important goal: To be on the cutting edge of health and wellness. The company has been recognized as an industry leader in part because of a unique offering – power naps in one of the company’s scientifically designed YeloCabs™. These special naps are one of the signature – and most popular – services.
Sleep is one of the most important elements of YeloSpa and its success. It’s why Nicolas Ronco, our founder, based YeloSpa on his extensive research into sleep therapy after struggling with sleep issues himself.

the right mix of spa treatments

Achieving your business dreams as a spa franchise owner means offering the right mix of services within an established business model. Along with creating a streamlined spa model, YeloSpa has captured the sleep niche effectively with its signature sleep therapy.

With our unique approach to wellness, we provide services in our signature YeloCabs™, hexagonal cabins complete with mood lighting, aromatherapy and zero gravity treatment beds. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind experience that helps customers achieve amazing sleep, even if just for a short nap. Customers at YeloSpa can also opt for more traditional spa services like body treatments, massages, skin care, facials, detoxes and more.

Our fixed price-per-minute menu enables customers to create a personalized spa experience that works for them and meets their needs in the moment. Whether they need a 20-minute power nap between business meetings, or they want a massage and skin care combination, YeloSpa will help customers craft the perfect spa experience.

the YeloSpa pportunity

If you are looking for the right franchise opportunity in the spa industry, a YeloSpa franchise could be the perfect fit. With our wellness franchise model, you’ll stand out from the growing spa industry and appeal to customers because of the unique offering that our customers love.

To find out more about becoming a spa franchisee at YeloSpa, visit here to download the free brochure,, or call 646-630-8570.

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