YeloSpa started as a solution for weary businesspeople and travelers. It’s a place where anyone suffering from living in a world in constant motion can take refuge, and in the last decade, YeloSpa has become a sought-after oasis in New York.

Now, the company is delighted to expand its brand to passionate professionals who want to create their own oasis of calm in an urban day spa.

The YeloSpa brand symbolizes more than a spa. It’s all about health and wellness. The company’s aim is to create a holistic refuge from the hustle and bustle of life by offering skin care, massage, reiki and a unique, scientifically supported version of the power nap.

health & wellness franchise opportunity

With 79% of Americans not getting enough sleep, and the impact of this lack well documented, the consensus is growing that sleep therapy is essential. So, YeloSpa has created its own signature zero gravity sleep treatment.

YeloSpa founder, Nicolas Ronco, knew that better sleep was essential to reduce fatigue, stress and mental exhaustion, and so his quest began for the best way to achieve this. After experiencing Japanese sleep therapy and reflexology, shamanic healing in Brazil and volunteering at an ashram in India, his research and personal experiences culminated in the “YeloCab™ nap.”

YeloCab™ naps are a unique part of the brand. YeloSpa has a hexagonal spa cabin that was developed with the input of sleep experts to provide a warm and womb-like experience for ultimate relaxation. With the use of the zero-gravity treatment bed, LED lights and aromatherapy, sleep can be achieved effortlessly for maximum benefit.

YeloCab™ naps are positioned alongside an entire selection of skin care, massage, sleep, and Reiki treatments to relieve stress and recharge the body and mind.

the spa business model

The YeloSpa business model was created in one of the toughest markets in the world, New York. New Yorkers are renowned for knowing what they want. Call it demanding – because it is – but YeloSpa took it as a challenge to create the best experience.

Since its inception in 2007, YeloSpa has become known as an oasis in Midtown, and the beloved fixed price-per-minute spa menu is a favorite for many New Yorkers.
Having found a great fit in New York, the company is confident the business model will work elsewhere and has created a spa franchise opportunity that’s ideal for professionals who are passionate about sleep and wellness.

invest in a spa franchise with YeloSpa

Are you ready to offer a unique service with a health and wellness franchise in your city? There’s never been a better time to invest in the spa industry. The industry has reached $16 million in annual revenue in the USA alone and it continues to grow.

If you’re a charismatic leader who’s passionate about helping others, you’re ideally suited to become a franchisee at YeloSpa.

As a YeloSpa franchise, you will receive training, support, and guidance. From architectural and location guidance to insight into the most effective employee recruitment and training best practices, YeloSpa wants to see your business grow.

To find out more about becoming a spa franchisee at YeloSpa, visit here to download the free brochure, email us at, or call 646-630-8570.


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